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Ecuador: Copalinga and Podocarpus National Park

Copalinga Just past Zamora is the Bombuscaro entrance to Podocarpus National Park, and a lodge called Copalinga. ( The lodge boasts some hummingbird feeders and some bushes that attract those beautiful little birds. We were told that a week or two earlier there had been a lot of different species of hummingbirds coming all day to …

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Mindo, Ecuador: The Yellow House and Trails

 Julia Patiño was an excellent guide who charged a reasonable price, so we hired her to take us around the Yellow House trails ( early the next morning. (See previous blog.) Again, we were seeing and hearing lots of birds. In a land where everything is new a good guide is indispensable. And frankly, I am …

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Mindo, Ecuador: Refugio Paz de las Aves

Our second day in Ecuador we were inducted into the Ecuadorian world of birding at Refugio Paz de las Aves Since we had to be there before dawn, we looked closely for the turnoff from the highway. What a relief to find the little wooden sign! What we didn’t realize was that once on …

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Birding Ecuador

We just returned from a month in Ecuador where we visited our daughter, Jennifer. Now, because we are birders, and Ecuador has 1, 600 amazing species of birds, we just had to see some of them. Jennifer was happy to go along with us and turned out to be an awesome spotter, as well as …

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