Arte y Aves

Art, Birds, and other things: All Give Praise to the Creator



Years ago, some friends gave us this “Gloria” vine. It is flourishing and producing these gorgeous pink flowers every year.

oil on canvas (20 x 16 in)

$100.00 + shipping


Have you ever taken a rose in your hand and spun it around, enjoying the fragrance that it puts off? This is a semi-abstract of that rose.

oil on canvas (14 x 11 in)

$75.00 + shipping


Looking into the heart of a Night-Blooming Cereus.

oil on canvas (20 x 16 in)

$100.00 + shipping


We enjoyed these wildflowers near the Colorado River in So. Utah.

oil on canvas (16 x 20 in)

$100.00 + shipping

Sunny-Side Up

Doesn’t this flower look like a fried egg?

oil on canvas board (8 x 6 in)

$10.00 + shipping

Desert Flowers

Painting done from a photo taken of some small flowers running along the desert floor. Incredible to think of how they can take the heat of the sand and still look so beautiful.

oil on canvas (20 x 30 in)

$350.00 + shipping

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