Arte y Aves

Art, Birds, and other things: All Give Praise to the Creator

Bird Paintings

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Brown Pelican

Pelicans are so fun to watch! And God made them beautiful too. This guy is out looking for a wife and so has put on his best clothes.

oil on canvas (20 x 24 in)

$380.00 + shipping

(The cost of this painting has been reduced because it is off the frame and will need to be restretched at a hobby store.)

Belted Kingfisher

It’s suppertime for this kingfisher.

oil on canvas (9 x 12 in)

$50.00 + shipping

Mockingbird Singing

I love how the mockingbird sings at night, unlike any other bird that I know of.

oil on canvas (10 x 6 in)

$40.00 + shipping

White Duck

I photographed this duck in El Dorado Park, Long Beach, CA. It was one of my early paintings, and it still gives me pleasure.

$50.00 + shipping

oil on canvas board (20 x 18 in)

Hooded Oriole

This hooded oriole came and knocked at our window every winter for 3 years. God painted him truly gorgeous. I can only help us remember this funny bird.

oil on canvas (9 x 12 in)

$50.00 + shipping

Blue Dacnis

We saw this lovely blue bird on a visit to Panama.

oil on canvas (12 x 6 in)

$50.00 + shipping

Blue-Diademed Motmot

We were priveleged to see this gorgeous bird, previously known as Blue-Crowned Motmot, in Chiapas, Mexico, Guatemala, and Panama. There is no mistaking his brilliant blue head and tail if one manages to see him amongst the jungle foliage.

oil on canvas (9 x 12 in)

$50.00 + shipping


  1. precioso, muy buen trabajo!

  2. bellísimo trabajo; me ha encantado!

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