Arte y Aves

Art, Birds, and other things: All Give Praise to the Creator


Since 1992, when I began painting, it has been my pleasure to think of how wonderfully God painted the world. It is always beautiful and constantly changing. How amazing to think that not one scene is the exact same ever again. In painting I enjoy attempting to show just a little of the creativity that He put in each one of us.

Another hobby I have is birding and I keep a life list.  My greatest enjoyment in birding is seeing up close all the colors with which God painted each one. Much of the fun is seeing a bird, appreciating its beauty, figuring out which species it is and adding it to the list of birds I’ve seen. It is also a good excuse to get out and hike.

I live with my husband in Oaxaca, Mexico. I have three daughters who were reared here, but since have found other places to call home. Oaxaca is the inspiration for many of my paintings and a good place for birding. My nickname in Spanish is Chivis and that is the name that I use to sign all of my paintings. By the way, these paintings are all in oil.

Enjoy looking at this site! If you are interested in purchasing any of my paintings, please contact me. Even though I may be far away, we can work something out.


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