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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

Loja, Ecuador: Birding the Nearby Roads

Old Loja-Zamora Road Early one morning we headed out towards Zamora to the east to bird the old road. There are several waterfalls along the new road and we had to stop near one of them while a crew cleaned a landslide off the road. We ended up getting all the way to Zamora without …

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Loja, Ecuador: Podocarpus NP, Cajanuma

We spent some time in Loja where our daughter lives and works. She is involved in training Sunday School teachers and others who are teaching children about God. It was a privilege to meet her friends and coworkers and attend a Kid’s Club, a Sunday School, and a couple of teacher training sessions. We are …

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Loja, Ecuador: Catamayo and Local Parks

One day, Dave and I decided to go to Catamayo to see what is there. That is where the airport is that serves Loja. It takes nearly an hour to get there, but Loja is such a hilly place that you have to go a way to get to a flat place. But the fact …

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Cuenca, Ecuador

   Our first day in Cuenca we joined a tour group headed to Aguarongo. We were interested in the tour because it included a birding walk, which we looked forward to. The tour included a bus ride up the mountain, coffee and snack, a guided tour telling about local plants and a lunch featuring local …

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Baños, Ecuador

Volcanos make up much of the Andes mountains. Our drive from Quito to Baños was gorgeous! We were able to see several volcanos playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. Baños, a little tourist town known for its thermal waters, is situated on the “safe” side of Tungurahua. Tungurahua is a volcano that spewed forth ash as late as …

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