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Birding Ecuador

We just returned from a month in Ecuador where we visited our daughter, Jennifer. Now, because we are birders, and Ecuador has 1, 600 amazing species of birds, we just had to see some of them. Jennifer was happy to go along with us and turned out to be an awesome spotter, as well as secretary. The next few blogs will be about our trip and some of the birds we saw.

We helped make history as we flew into Quito’s new airport. They had just opened it that day. Of course, inaugurating something new also means inexperience for many workers as they try to get the kinks out of their system. So it took 1 1/2 hours to get out of the airport. Also, the airport is 1 hour from town, at least in the middle of the night. By day, no doubt longer. So beware of the time difference if you are planning a trip to Ecuador and have read previous accounts of Ecuadorian birding trips.

We began our trip the very next day as we went to Mitad del Mundo. (I should insert in here that we had the use of a car for our trip, for which we are extremely grateful.) My husband went wandering around with his GPS and found that the “middle of the earth” isn’t quite spot on. But it is very close, and close enough for most of us.

There, we excitedly identified our first Ecuadorian bird, the Rufous-Collared Sparrow. He was very cute, which is a good thing, since we were to see him at nearly every place we went. We also saw: Brown-Bellied Swallow, Vermilion Flycatcher, Eared Dove.

Heading west, we stopped for lunch at a little roadside restaurant called Los Armadillos. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they have hummingbird feeders which were constantly visited by gorgeous hummingbirds. I could barely eat (as good as the food was) as I took lots of pictures for later identification.

There we saw: Buff-Tailed Coronet, Andean Emerald, Green-Tailed Trainbearer ?, White-Bellied Woodstar, Purple-Bibbed Whitetip, Violet-Tailed Sylph, Collared Inca, Gorgetted Woodstar, Green-Crowned Brilliant, Piractic Flycatcher, Empress Brilliant, Speckled Hummingbird, Fawn-Breasted Brilliant, Purple-Throated Woodstar, Band-Tailed Pigeon.

The rain chased us inside, but we kept on birding from a covered porch as we sipped our coffee. That evening we arrived in Mindo where we stayed 3 nights at the Yellow House.

More on that in a future blog.

? = Still checking this out

Any comments or corrections to the labels on the pictures are welcome.



  1. Margaret

    Send more pictures! This is great! And how nice you also got to see Jenny!
    Note that my address is now changed to

  2. Linda

    What fun! I am so jealous!

  3. Great pictures–and so many varieties of hummers! Wow! And that’s just the beginning?

  4. Our little hummingbirds are cute but drab little things compared to the gorgeous ones you photographed. Love from “Seattle Mom”.

  5. Ingrid

    Fascinating pictures! I love to see the different kinds of hummingbirds.

  6. donna shaveer

    The photo with the green hummingbird in flight is fabulous! You need to make a BIG photo of it : )

  7. Erika Frasier

    I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Ecuador. We miss you and Michael too. I want to keep reading about your trip.


    • I plan to post the whole trip as I have time. I have lots of pics to crop and label. Tell Michael Hi for us!

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