Arte y Aves

Art, Birds, and other things: All Give Praise to the Creator


White-faced Ibis

White-faced Ibis

I have a number of choices to make today as to use my time. I have a little time off of my day job and I have to decide what to do. I could read blogs (there are lots of interesting ones out there), read Facebook (I can’t decide if it is just a time waster or a good way to quickly keep up with people), read emails (it’s hard to keep up with that), paint (I have some in the works), make some more frames for painting, clean house (I’ve already swept today), look at birds (the winter birds are here!), look at (I have a gift certificate), take time to eat…. Well, those are some of the things that have run through my mind. Maybe I can do a little of each?

The one thing that I failed to mention is the one thing I most ought to do: spend time in prayer and praise to my creator. For some reason it is the last thing to come to mind when I’m trying to decide how best to spend my time. Perhaps I need to pray while I clean house; or think about how wonderfully He made the birds I so much enjoy; or think of how awesome it is that God made all the colors as I paint; and how great was His imagination when He made different languages for us to sort out. He gave us the desire to eat. Ever think about that? If we didn’t eat, and enjoy it so much, we would fade away.


White-tailed Hawk

White-tailed Hawk

We went on the Christmas Bird Count here in Oaxaca at the end of December. We joined a couple of other people and checked out the birds in the fields and trees just out of town.

Rufous-capped Warbler

Rufous-capped Warbler

There is a dam where we also saw lots of water birds. Then we checked to see what was happening along a river. There we saw a number of raptors and again, water birds. I was amazed to see lots of white-faced ibis since I didn’t know that they were in our area. Then we went to a park, but it was late and didn’t have much time to check it out well. Just at dusk we went to a pond south of town, but it was too dark to see anything. The moon rising over Oaxaca was indeed beautiful.

Black-vented Orioles

Black-vented Orioles

We saw or heard over 90 different species in one full day of birding. We were trying for 100 but didn’t quite make it. Oaxaca is a great place to bird.

Beautiful Hummingbird

Beautiful Hummingbird

Well, I think I’ll mop the house, and put another coat of primer on my canvas, eat lunch, take in the laundry (no dryer), and in the afternoon I’ll get some work done on my day job. I’ll try to keep my Lord in mind as I work. After all, He is the One worth doing it all for.



  1. wdizhna

    Neat blog!

  2. Linda

    Love the photos! And l like the idea of integrating prayer and praise with birding (and other things!).

    • Thanks, Linda. Were you involved in the CBC in your area?

  3. Thanks for the reminder to keep God in the center of all we do, whether mopping, or painting. Sounds like you had a great birding trip, and you managed to get some nice pictures! I especially like the one of the hawk.

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