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Baby Birds

We seem to have a nursery in our backyard.

My husband stirred up the compost and out ran some cockroaches. Now I totally detest cockroaches, but it turns out the Bewick’s Wrens that have been hanging out in our backyard find them to be a great delicacy! One of the wrens quickly snatched up a big old roach and took it to feed a youngster waiting in the sticks at the back of the yard. I had been thinking that we needed to clean up that area, but if the wrens are nesting there then I’ll happily leave that for another day… or month… or year. Ha ha!

While I was watching the wrens enjoy the compost pile, I kept hearing another baby bird that was making a racket. Finally, I spotted the fledgling White-Throated Towhee. It had a mostly full-grown body, but almost no tail. It also still had the wide mouth of a baby bird begging to be fed. There is probably a technical name for that wide mouth, but I am too lazy to look it up right now.

There has been a White-Collared Seedeater sitting on top of the cane singing his heart out to his lady love. So I expect that there’ll be baby seedeaters around soon. Although, who knows where they might nest.

The towhees are common here, but I keep reminding myself that they are special since they’re endemic to Oaxaca. Any of you power birders out there want to see them?

I am especially enjoying the wrens. They used to appear occasionally in the yard but were very shy. And much of the time I only knew they were around because they would sing their beautiful songs before dawn. Now they have become bold feeding right up near the house, and pretty constantly giving their fuzzy-throated call.

We also have had a Berylline Hummingbird coming to the feeder right outside our door. It has been thrilling to see that shimmering green bird up close and personal. It has bravely come up and fed even with me standing a couple of feet away! Which reminds me, I need to refill that feeder. I’m going to do that now.



  1. Dave

    Isn’t it interesting that we don’t fully appreciate what is common. What is rare is always more appreciated. This can be gem stones or it can be birds. Another back yard bird that is common here, but not up north is the vermillion flycatcher. So come and see the towhee and enjoy the flycatcher as well.

    • A common beauty is the ordinary house sparrow. If I didn’t see him everyday, I’d be very excited to add him to my list.
      I never tire of seeing the vermillion. So pretty!

  2. Linda

    Fun post! I think the baby birds in my back yard are almost grown. I’m trying to figure out when cowbirds leave their “parents” and realize they aren’t cardinals/doves/etc.

    • Maybe when they’ve stopped their constant squeaking! You’ll realize it when suddenly it’s quiet out there.

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