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Abstract Art

 Strictly speaking, it [abstraction] refers to art unconcerned with the literal depiction of things from the visible world—it can, however, refer to an object or image which has been distilled from the real world, or indeed, another work of art. Artwork that reshapes the natural world for expressive purposes is called abstract; that which derives from, but does not imitate a recognizable subject is called nonobjective abstraction… Later still, abstraction was manifest in more purely formal terms, such as color, freedom from objective context, and a reduction of form to basic geometric designs. –Wikipedia (abstraction) emphasis is mine

My personal preference has always been (even from childhood) for realistic art. But I decided to be really brave and try an abstract piece or two. After all, so many people like it! So to get my creative juices going I took some of my pictures and played with them on my computer. I distorted them using the different settings in my photo program. It was a lot of fun to see what all I could come up with. The result was a picture that I decided to paint. Here is a painting that I “distilled from the real world”.

I took this…








…and got this!




It turned out to be really fun to paint! I used a spatula (again not normal for me) to spread and mix the blues and greens. The upshot of it all is that I like how it turned out. It hangs over my desk and I haven’t tired of looking at it.

Now, I don’t like all of my paintings, and some I like better than others. I figure that since we all have different tastes, an artist might as well try all kinds of things. Some might please one and some might please others. In the one that I just finished, I played with blues, reds, various brushstrokes, and designs. This one definitely exhibits “freedom from objective context”.

Whether you have a preference for abstract art or not, take a look at my Abstract Art gallery. There are only three paintings there now (and one amongst the Flowers), but who knows? There may be something that takes your fancy, now, or in the future.



  1. Love your ‘transformation’ More! More!

  2. Dave

    The thing about abstract is that if you get tired of it one way, then turn the other side up. It’s a fun painting and you can still see the handles from the pots.

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