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Art, Birds, and other things: All Give Praise to the Creator

Kim’s Oils

Today, my daughter, the artist, had a gallery showing in her home. She was pleased to receive a number of visitors. She also made some sales. That is pretty exciting!

When she was little, I thought maybe that Kim would be a musician, since she was always singing and making up little songs. But when she grew older she was always drawing. She liked to pause a movie where it showed one of her favorite characters and draw his or her picture. At my prompting, she tried an oil painting, but didn’t like it much.

However, Kim chose to major in Art at the liberal arts college that she attended. There she took an oil painting class that sold her on the medium. She has been doing oil painting ever since, developing her own style. She has just been accepted in the graduate program by the Art Academy University where she hopes to further develop her skills as an artist. Check out her website by clicking on the link in the righthand column of this page. Go to Photo Gallery to see her pictures of some of her paintings. Some of my personal favorites can be found in the Home and the Marvelous Light series.


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