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The Spice of Life

They say that variety is the spice of life. I have always loved variety. I am not one to eat the same thing for breakfast every day. Oatmeal, an egg, leftover chicken, corn meal mush, scrambled eggs… these are all good breakfasts. Well, anything is good today as long as it’s not the same as yesterday.

Variety also makes painting fun. In the past few months I have painted four different paintings, with four different motifs. First I painted a picture of one of the last old women to wear the traditional costume in a Oaxacan town. She has passed on now, and the old costume too.

oil on canvas (20 1/2" x 20")

Then I painted a picture that I had been wanting to do for some time. This is based on a photo of my nephew pitching for his little league team. I really liked the way he was so focused on the pitch. The painting doesn’t exactly look like him, but I think that it does depict the action of the game.

oil on canvas (20" x 20")

Another new painting is the one of Yellowstone that I wrote about in my last blog.

oil on canvas (26" x 16")

Then there is the one that I titled For Fun. It is a crazy mix of colors and lines that can be looked at from any direction. In fact, I signed it on the back so that the signature won’t influence which way is up. (Note: All paintings in the galleries are shown with a copyright symbol.)

oil on canvas (16" x 20")

Which way do you prefer it?

Each of these paintings will be added to the galleries, and soon I’ll also put them up on Fine Art America, in case someone is interested in ordering a print.



  1. Mom you are doing a wonderful job. I really like the old lady. I feel like I could walk up and talk to her. And the Yellowstone picture, makes me feel the cold wind with the smell of minerals and pockets of warm air. Love you

    • Thank you, Jenny. I appreciate the encouragement! Do you remember that cold day in Yellowstone?

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