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Fire, water, and snow

Underground fire, or at least very, very hot conditions make for very steamy water holes and lakes in Yellowstone National Park. We got to visit there one very snowy June day, many years ago. What an awesome sight! It was snowing, yet very hot in some watery spots. In some places there was just mud, boiling mud! Amazing! God gave us a real treat that day when we had the privilege of seeing that place that He made especially for us to enjoy.

Recently, I decided to paint a picture based on a photo that we took there. Some friends liked seeing how a painting progressed (cf. A Work in Progress, Sept. and So. Utah Painting, Oct.) so I decided to take a few pictures along the way. I’ll be doing this from time to time.

When I started out, I blocked in the sky, distant mountains, lake, and foreground. I wanted to get the basic colors in and draw (with paint) the outline of the picture.

After letting the background dry, I worked mostly with my dark green, putting in the trees and darkening the mountains. I also added the line of mineral deposits that have built up in the lake, creating steamy pools.

At this point in the painting process, I added light colors to the mineral deposits. You’ll see that the foreground changed as I added some grass. Again, I let the painting dry so as not to overmix the colors on the canvas.

This was perhaps the most fun. Using a large dry brush (Hake brush, for you artist types) I made the water steam! Then the steam turned into clouds as it rose up into the cold sky.

This was a fun painting to do. I find that sometimes I’m filled with tension as I paint, worried that I’ll not get it right. But other times the tension is more from excitement. It was excitement that I felt as I painted this scene. I’m still thinking about touching it up some, but we’ll see. Basically, it’s done, and I’ll soon add it to my landscape gallery.



  1. I love the steam! Fun painting! 😀

  2. Dave

    I really like this one!

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