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Monthly Archives: January, 2012

The Spice of Life

They say that variety is the spice of life. I have always loved variety. I am not one to eat the same thing for breakfast every day. Oatmeal, an egg, leftover chicken, corn meal mush, scrambled eggs… these are all good breakfasts. Well, anything is good today as long as it’s not the same as …

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Fire, water, and snow

Underground fire, or at least very, very hot conditions make for very steamy water holes and lakes in Yellowstone National Park. We got to visit there one very snowy June day, many years ago. What an awesome sight! It was snowing, yet very hot in some watery spots. In some places there was just mud, boiling mud! …

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Not My Resolution

I tire of reading other’s people’s resolutions. No one keeps them anyway. And a week or month into the year, they are all forgotten. Oh, yes, there are things I think would be good to do, like paint more, lose some weight, clean my desk, read more books, be kinder in my relationships. But doesn’t everyone …

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