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What does a painting cost?

Last night a friend commented that he had seen my blog and liked what he saw, but… the prices!

Now, you must keep in mind that I have lived most of my life in Mexico. I am American by birth and first language, but I eat Mexican food, speak Spanish… and bargain.

How do you bargain? I name you my top price, you give a low counter offer. I tell you that there is no way I can sell you an item for so little. You raise your offer. I tell you how much work went into that painting. The materials cost me plenty. I had to invest in paints, canvas, and build a frame to hold it. It took several full days to paint it. If I charge you by the hour I should be asking more, but I’m already giving you a good deal. This product is handmade, in many cases from start to finish. You really want the painting so you offer me more. I think about it a while. I tell you once again what a deal you are already getting. Then I lower my price a little more. You decide to take it for that price. If you do, the bargain is sealed. You can’t back out.

If you don’t really want it for that price, you give up. If I want desperately to sell, I’ll make another offer. If you desperately want it, you make another offer. And so it goes. If I don’t want to lower my price any more then I tell you so and won’t bargain anymore. Take it or leave it.

And so with my paintings, if you want one badly enough, you’ll pay what it costs or make me an offer. Leave me a note showing your interest in the comments and I’ll get in touch with you by email. Let’s bargain!


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