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November 1 Birds

I’m excited!! I stepped into my yard today and saw lots of birds. Many are back from their spring and summer migration north, added to those that are here year-round. Today I have seen:

  • nashville warbler
  • wilson’s warbler
  • audubon’s warbler
  • lesser gold-finch
  • house finch
  • boat-tailed grackle
  • bewick’s wren
  • great kiskadee
  • northern beardless-tyrranulet
  • house sparrow
  • berylline hummingbird
  • ruby-throated hummingbird
  • white-winged dove
  • tropical kingbird

That’s pretty good for a few minutes of backyard birding here in the city of Oaxaca. I’ll be interested to see what shows up as the season progresses.



  1. I’m surprised you saw so many with the grackles around. Today, I saw a couple non-descript fluffy things on a power line (maybe doves?). That about concludes it for my birding today. Not quite the variety you get in the yard. 😀

    • There are always grackles around. I think the majority of birds ignore them. I only bother chasing them away when there are lots of them filling the tree.
      You need to get some binoculars so you can properly see those non-descript fluffy things. You might be surprised how many more you can identify.

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