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Monthly Archives: November, 2011

What does a painting cost?

Last night a friend commented that he had seen my blog and liked what he saw, but… the prices! Now, you must keep in mind that I have lived most of my life in Mexico. I am American by birth and first language, but I eat Mexican food, speak Spanish… and bargain. How do you …

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November 1 Birds

I’m excited!! I stepped into my yard today and saw lots of birds. Many are back from their spring and summer migration north, added to those that are here year-round. Today I have seen: nashville warbler wilson’s warbler audubon’s warbler lesser gold-finch house finch boat-tailed grackle bewick’s wren great kiskadee northern beardless-tyrranulet house sparrow berylline hummingbird ruby-throated hummingbird …

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