Arte y Aves

Art, Birds, and other things: All Give Praise to the Creator

Getting Started

I’m a late bloomer. In Jr. Hi there was a class in art appreciation which was more about how to do some cool crafts. I remember especially that I liked making a picture from yarn. We also built something from toothpicks. That was pretty neat. Otherwise, I can’t say what we did. There also was an art appreciation class that all college freshmen were required to take. That was about appreciating the art that had been done through the ages. All I remember of that class was the trip we took to the Chicago Art Museum. I remember being in awe of the art we saw there. I guess it brought meaning to all that we had studied.

Early on, my young daughter had shown an interest in drawing. Someone had told me that if a child doesn’t get past stick figures by the time they are eight years old, they never will. So I thought it would be good to get her past stick figures. After all, I was still drawing stick figures and not very well at that. So for Christmas we gave her some pencils, paper, oil paints, brushes and a canvas and a promise from a friend to teach her. She and I went faithfully to my friend’s house where first she learned to draw and then to make a painting in oils. It was while Jenny was learning about drawing and how  adding shadows makes the drawing come alive that I blurt out, “This is really interesting. Too bad I don’t have any talent.” To which my friend sweetly replied, “How do you know until you’ve really tried?”

That did it. She had laid down a challenge to which I didn’t have an answer. It turned out that my husband was away on a business trip and the house was very quiet after getting the kids to bed. So I put on a cassette, set a lovely painted vase in the middle of the table, and began to draw. When I was done, I had a decent drawing of the vase and my interest was piqued. The rest is history. As my daughter began to paint, we did too. The family would go to church on Sunday mornings and afterwards we’d all sit around the table painting. It was such fun!

We moved away and the lessons stopped and so did Sunday art. My daughter’s interest flagged some, but mine continued. My husband gave me an easel one year for Christmas and I’ve been making a couple of paintings a year ever since. Recently, I’ve painted more often, trying different styles and different subjects. The paintings that you see on these pages represent those experiments. They are all original based on photos taken mostly by us, a couple from photos by close friends.

Does my daughter still do art? Yes, although it is only for fun. She is teaching it, though, to the children of her friends. My youngest daughter has a day job, but her heart is in her art. My middle daughter expresses her creativity by writing. (Check out the links to their sites on the right.) My husband draws from time to time and does it very well. I came out of the closet when it got full and my daughter kept insisting that I should share my work with others. So here it is, with many thanks to the friend who first gave me the challenge.



  1. Very nice post. What inspired you to share you/our art history

  2. I heard from A. a couple of weeks ago! It was great to catch up a little.

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