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So. Utah Painting

A couple of blogs ago I wrote to you about the process of painting. Since then I have mostly finished the painting. I added some light colors to the trees in the canyon and touched up the background a little. Then I put in the foreground. Both fun and scary was adding the crowning touch and main focus of the painting: the little red flowers, which I think are Indian Paintbrush. I probably will touch it up a little more then it will be done. Here is the almost finished painting.

I’ve been asked about the source for this picture. Well, Dave and I were traveling last summer from Utah to Arizona and stopped for the night in the little town of Orderville, Utah. It was a friendly little town with the Virgen River running through it. We still had some daylight left after settling in our hotel, so we went for a short hike up the sandy draw to a slot canyon. Of course we took our little camera along. It was really pretty with both red and white sandstone. The evening light enhanced it even more. I remember marveling at God creating such beauty in the rocks and wildflowers. As the sun went down we hurried to the only restaurant in town to eat supper before they closed.



  1. Ingrid Chapman

    I like these! The Utah one is really interesting!

  2. Dave

    The slot canyon was amazing. I went up it a bit further than Syl until I got to a rock obstruction and without some rock climbing, I couldn’t go any further. Anyway, it was time to turn around. It was an exciting place to visit.

  3. Georg

    I really like the way the flowers in the foreground look; and the brush there also, it’s great! It gives a great perspective on the background.

  4. What would it take to for me to create a blog like yours? I found your blog on Bing

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