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Paint Rag

Have you ever thought about how well something is made? Many years ago my daughter had to have an apron for kindergarten. It was big enough to cover her clothes and was to catch any paint or glue spills. (I would have inserted a picture here, but I couldn’t find one.) This served her well and she quickly outgrew it.

I, however, don’t like to throw something away that is well-made and perhaps usable down the line. Years later I came across this apron and designated it a paint rag. Now a paint rag is a good friend of an artist. It is used to clean off a brush when changing colors, or if the colors just get all confused on there and it needs to be refreshed. The paint rag needs to be absorbent and not leave any lint. The little apron served me well for many, many paintings. It also was a reminder of my daughter, now grown and gone, and I always thought kindly of her as I used that apron.

Now, I have washed that rag many times and it has revived when I thought there was no hope for it. But this time, I think it has seen it’s last painting. I have washed it, but now it is too crusty with paint. I suppose that even good things have to go sometime. I wonder what old piece of cloth I’ll find to use now that will bring so many smiles and memories.

P.S. I’m showing my age. I got it wrong. This was an apron made by my mother-in-law for one of my kids. One of them sent me this picture. There was a special apron for kindergarten, just not this one.



  1. Dave

    Maybe you should frame it. It’s art now as well as a memory.

    • Lol ! Wouldn’t you just love to have that hanging in your living room.

  2. Georg

    Love these pictures! I like reading the stories, too! Fun memories : )

  3. oh, my gosh! look how cute i used to be

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