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Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Getting Started

I’m a late bloomer. In Jr. Hi there was a class in art appreciation which was more about how to do some cool crafts. I remember especially that I liked making a picture from yarn. We also built something from toothpicks. That was pretty neat. Otherwise, I can’t say what we did. There also was an art …

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So. Utah Painting

A couple of blogs ago I wrote to you about the process of painting. Since then I have mostly finished the painting. I added some light colors to the trees in the canyon and touched up the background a little. Then I put in the foreground. Both fun and scary was adding the crowning touch …

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Paint Rag

Have you ever thought about how well something is made? Many years ago my daughter had to have an apron for kindergarten. It was big enough to cover her clothes and was to catch any paint or glue spills. (I would have inserted a picture here, but I couldn’t find one.) This served her well and she …

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