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A Work in Progress

Painting for me is a great de-stresser. I have a day job, so until the time at which I should retire, painting will remain a hobby. Yesterday I got up in the morning and dressed for painting in old clothes. But with doing handwash and two loads of laundry -washing, hanging, folding, putting away, and constantly checking for rain-, along with fixing the main meal of the day, I didn’t get started until late.

Sometime ago we traveled through southern Utah which has some awesome countryside. On a clear, sunny day I took a picture which I thought would be fun to paint. Here is the beginning of my landscape.

Back in July, I started with the underpainting, blocking in the basic shapes and colors.

The next time I worked on it, I developed the face of the mountain and started adding the trees.

Yesterday I lightened the sky a bit and added more shadows and greenery.

Next time I work on it, I’ll want to get all the background done. Then I get to do the foreground.  I’m really hoping that I can get back to it in the next couple of weeks. But who knows? I’ll fill you in when I do.



  1. Dave

    What fun to see the progress on the painting. It was a wonderful little hike that surprised us. It turned out to be a slot canyon!

  2. Fun to enjoy then, fun to enjoy now.

    • Georg

      I am enjoying looking at this painting, it is interesting to see the progress, Dave; do you remember where exactly this place was?

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