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Monthly Archives: July, 2011


Just a quick word about watermarks. You will see that all paintings on this site are small and have my name with a copyright symbol. Any prints that are purchased through FineArtAmerica will not have a watermark on them. Nor do the originals have that on them. Of course all paintings are signed with my …

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You may be wondering why this blog is called Arte y Aves. You have seen some of the art, but where are the birds? Well, on my previous website, with the same name, I had pictures of birds that I have taken. I do plan to get some pictures of birds up, someday. For now, I’m …

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A couple of weeks ago we bought a small saw and boards. Now I’m making my own stretcher bars. I already had unprimed canvas that I had bought in the States. So I get my exercise sawing the boards into lengths of 20″, 25″, 30″ and 36″. Sometimes I saw an odd length too, if …

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